National chess day!!

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Want to celebrate National Chess Day in style? Why not grab a seat at the table of Chess with one of your friends and enjoy spending the day playing a few matches!


The NATIONAL CHESS DAY is celebrated on October 9, and we are getting ready to celebrate this by doing everything possible in making chess moves — cos there is nothing like Chess. Do you know that chess history goes as far back as 1500 years ago in northern India and spreads to Persia (now modern Iran)? Now you know! It is a day we celebrate the long history of Chess and recognize its role. Chess plays in connecting people across societies.

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Anticipating National Chess Day? Take your board and join millions of people in celebrating.

History of National Chess Day

National chess day takes place in the U.S. every second Saturday in October. President Gerald Ford declared this on October 9, 1976, as part of the nation’s bicentennial celebration, and this has been celebrated ever since.

It emerged from northern India around the sixth century A.D. and spread to Persian then Europe. At this time, the queen was the weakest piece on board, and the board was also a short-range piece; this made the game much slower. At the end of the Fifteenth Century, the rules changed, the queen became the most powerful piece on board, and the bishop became a long-range piece.

These changes accelerated the game pace. With time the game was later introduced to the rest of the population by merchants who traveled worldwide. Chess didn’t reach America until 1641.

Benjamin Franklin is seen as the founding father of Chess in America; in 1750, he wrote The Moral of Chess. Franklin’s article recognizes the social and mental advancement that chess rouses. He often devotes many hours to Chess, especially against lovely ladies.

Paul Morphy of New Orleans, born in 1837, is regularly hailed as the primary American chess legend. He won the 1857 American chess congress and even accepted an invitation to Europe to take on the most talented players in other European countries like England, France, Germany.

The first U.S. chess championship was held in 1845, while the first women’s championships were held in 1937. The National Chess Federation later became USCF (United States Chess Federation), officially founded in 1939.

Chess is played by millions of individuals in America; we play it in clubs, online, and even in competitions. The main point of this game is to checkmate your opponent’s king.

Key Moments in National Chess Day


Chess was born.

Chess came to America this year.


First American Chess Book

Benjamin Franklin penned the first article by an American titled “The Moral of Chess.”


First U.S. championship

The first U.S. championship was held.


First Women Championship

The first Women’s Championship was held.

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How to celebrate National Chess Day

Organize a mini-tournament.

There’s no other way to celebrate National chess day than to play Chess with someone within your circle. It may be with your children, friends, neighbors, or even office pals. We can even organize a mini-tournament within your neighborhood to attract as many participants as possible.

Teach someone or learn how to play chess.

If you don’t know how to play Chess, this date may be a perfect time to learn and discover how unique and exciting Chess is.

Share your favorite chess story on social media.

There has been much interest in Chess these past few months; more players have been willing to come together to participate in chess events, mostly on online platforms. There are many communities where we can share our chess success online; we can share our stories on numerous platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

Interesting Facts about National Chess Day


Origination in the U.S.

Do you know that Chess did not reach America until 1641, and in 1768, the first chess article in America was published?


Knight moves.

122 million moves are possible for a knight on a chessboard.


Maximum number of moves

The longest chess game hypothetically conceivable is 5,949 moves.


Wow! People play Chess.

A survey from 2012 reveals that about 605 million people play Chess regularly.


A chess book was printed.

The second book in history to be printed in English was Chess (William Caxton in 1474).

Why do we love National Chess Day?

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Chess for recovery

With a lot of crises that have happened these past few months. Chess has been known to be a critical factor in reducing anxieties and improving mental health.

Chess for sustainable development

Chess is one of the most ancient and cultural games which requires thinking. According to the U.N., it is a global game, which promotes fairness, inclusion, and mutual respect. It often inspires people, reduces racial and political barriers, resolves conflicts, and contributes to promoting peace and cooperation at all levels.

To show off our skills

Chess isn’t just your random board game-like checkers that everyone can play. It’s a game that requires strategic thinking, concentration and it’s widely believed to sharpen the minds of those who engage in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a National chess Day?

There’s a national chess day in America, and it is celebrated every second Saturday in October.

Why is national chess day celebrated?

National Chess Day celebrates the long history and equally recognizes Chess’s role in connecting people across societies. This game has broken barriers like class, language, and culture.

When was chess invented?

It emerged from northern India as far back as 1500 years ago and spread to Persia (now modern Iran).



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